Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Poem for Tyler

One day last week Tyler had mail waiting from Aunt Toni. Ty loves getting mail and this was more than just a letter... there was something in the package. It took him some time to get it open, but then he saw his surprise... a blue Lego car just like the orange one he already had and bubble wrap! How exciting! And, there was a poem with it... here's what Aunt Toni wrote:

Just this morning, don't you know,
I poured my cheerios in a bowl!

Something else came out of the box,
It wasn't a cow and it wasn't an ox!

No it was a car all fine and blue,
And that little car made me think of you!

I know you like cars, just like your dad,
So I'm sending it to you, now aren't you glad!

I hope you have fun, with your car of blue,
When you play with it, think of me too!

I thought that was very special and got a kick out of it myself. What a great poem! This is going in Tyler's box of treasures for sure!

Here's the whole fleet. He's got the original orange, the blue one from Aunt Toni, a red one and a black one. We've got one more box of cereal to go. When I went to the grocery store this weekend, there were no more boxes with cars in them... thank goodness! I cannot eat any more cinnamon toast crunch!

I still think these are very cool. He can make all sorts of cars from all the different pieces. They all mix and match!

On Sunday we went to a birthday party and Tyler got some soda. Here he is with his treat!

He held up fairly well. Here he is on the way home. And then...

Crash! Out like a light!

Here's Ryan after his bath yesterday. I have a new hobby... cleaning lint out of the rolls under his chin just to here him giggle. He's ticklish! What a great sound!

Check out the legs on this kid! Thunder thighs! Not only does he have rubber band wrists, he's got rubber band ankles too!

Don't you just want to squeeze him?? Now that I'm looking at this picture, I can sort of see a dimple on his cheek. But, I don't think he really has them... I think he's just got so much chub that there isn't anywhere else for it to go!

I love this picture... so serious!

I love these boys!

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