Sunday, December 22, 2013


Epcot was the first park that we visited and that was a wise move.  I picked up my favorite accessory of the week... my photo pass card!!  I have to say that was one of my favorite things because I got a ton of pics and I was actually in a lot of them.  This is my favorite picture:

Christmas was everywhere that we turned in the parks, but I have to say that it felt all wrong in shorts and t-shirts!

Epcot is home to Test Track which we were lucky enough to ride multiple times thanks to 6 Fast Passes each day!!

Every ride at Disney is more than just a ride.  At the beginning of Test Track you get to build your own vehicle.  Here is Ryan's first design.

And Tyler's.  The options were crazy... you could customize everything and the boys sure did.

They loved everything about this ride including the car outside for those with disabilities to practice getting in and out of.

Something else fun about the photo pass is getting your ride pics which I would never buy.  This is my favorite.  All smiles in the front seat!

After taking your vehicle through a variety of tests, you are taken outside for quite a fast ride.  It was awesome!

Once we got off the ride there was a variety of other activities that the boys loved plus they got to check out the new Corvette!!  This pic is for your Grandpa!

Ryan was in a bit of a mood the whole time we were in Disney.  His face in the above picture was very intentional.  As soon as I took it, he came running over to see.  I'm ready for this faze to be over.

Another favorite was talking with Crush from Finding Nemo.  It seems that I didn't take any pictures of Crush except for this video.  This was our second time with Crush and this time, Crush picked Tyler out of the crowd.

So, as you heard, Crush asked Tyler who he was with and instead of saying his brother who was sitting right next to him, he said "my mom and dad" which resulted in Crush calling on me to raise my flipper.  Fun stuff.  I never thought I'd be bonding with a turtle over having all boys.  He explained that he has 67 sons.  Yikes!  After a few back and forths, I thought I was off the hook until a little later when Crush was explaining all the different ways to use the word "Dude."  At one point he asked everyone to put their flipper on their forehead and exclaim "DUDE."  I did not participate and Crush caught me.  Why couldn't Ty have just said he was with his brother??

Here are the boys after the first Crush experience sharing their best "Dude" face.

They had to have this picture.

Another Epcot shot.  Love it.  

In addition to some great rides and fantastic food, Epcot also offers lots of character interaction.  This pic is from our last day while eating at the Garden Grill, a rotating restaurant with a singing waiter and endless food.

These pictures are from our first day in the park.  The boys loved getting autographs.

I love this picture.  Could Ryan get any closer?

We spent a few minutes watching this Santa as he told stories and sang songs.  Little did I know that he freaked Tyler out a little bit.  On our last day I wanted to get a picture of the boys with Santa when Tyler told me it was a no go if Santa was green.  Ha ha!

I would go back to Epcot.  For one day.  So I can get coconut ice cream in France.

We enjoyed Epcot on three separate days, our first in the parks, our last in the parks and on Friday night where we met up with Sara's family to enjoy illuminations.  How lucky are we?

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