Sunday, December 22, 2013


After months of planning and anticipating, early on a Tuesday morning we hopped a plane to Disney World!! 

Overall, it was a fabulous vacation.  It could not have gone better.  The weather was mid to high 80s every day with no rain... probably because I had 2 ponchos per person ready to go.  Nobody got sick... probably because I lugged a pharmacy worth of various medication with us.  We had just enough clothing... probably because I brought detergent and dryer sheets.  Nobody got a blister... probably because I had band-aids, ointment and moleskin ready to go. Yes, I over-packed.

Favorite Park: Hollywood Studios (because the boys like to watch things blow up!)
Favorite Ride: Test Track at Epcot.  Yup, sponsored by Chevrolet... shocking.
Best Meal: Rose and Crown Pub at the UK Pavilion in Epcot.  So Good!!  We had steak with fried fish and yorkshire pudding with mashed potatoes and yummy green beans.  Oh, and dessert was sticky toffee pudding.
Best Snack: Coconut ice cream in a waffle cone in the France Pavilion in Epcot.  Best coconut ice cream I've had since we went to St. Croix in 7th grade.  Seriously.
Worst Moment: Dragging Tyler kicking and screaming on to the Everest Rollercoaster and then pulling the lap bar down on him so he couldn't escape.  
Second Worst Moment: Being pulled over by TSA in the airport for the Pirates of the Caribbean Gun in our carry on.  Oops.

We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort and our sections was called Martinique.  The resort was huge, but we were within a short walk of the amenities so it didn't feel all that big to us.  The boys had a great time everywhere we went including the pools with slides!

The room itself was basic, but more than adequate.  We experienced some pixie dust a number of times including towel animals left by mousekeeping.  The boys loved it!

They also enjoyed looking for Hidden Mickey's.  They found these on our last day.  Hidden Mickey's right in our room!! Unfortunately the search for the Mickey's didn't stay in Disney... last weekend Tyler found one in church.  Seriously.

I need a place to put our pictures from the last day in Downtown Disney so here they are.

Even the shopping was fun!

I was so excited to check seeing Santa off of our list.  Tyler was ok with going because he was a red Santa.

Having said all that, I have no need to go back.  Ever.  We've been home almost two weeks and I'm still tired.  Our next vacation had better involve my toes in hot sand gazing at the ocean!

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