Sunday, May 15, 2016


For the third time, we joined a group of friends for a weekend of glamping... because you really can't call what we do camping.  As you can see...

Real beds, a full bathroom, partial kitchen and a TV.  I'll take it!

While these weekends are a lot of work and cause anxiety as we watch deteriorating weather forecasts, nothing is better than the joy these boys get from playing with their friends all day and hanging around the campfire at night. 

This particular campground had a large bounce pillow. The boys spent hours on it between Friday night and yesterday.  They're finally big enough that we don't have to watch them every second.  A group of 5 boys and 2 teenage girls can care for themselves.  Yay!

I especially enjoyed yesterday morning.  We took our time getting up and lazed around as a family while it rained outside. Then we were pleasantly surprised as our rainy weekend ended up being decent. Cold, but fairly dry. I can't complain a bit as we expected a miserable experience.

This is what Ty looks like when he's trying to run out of a picture. But, I think this is probably what he looked like most of the day.  Run, run, run.

Jump, jump, jump.

I had to walk away as they were playing a game where they pushed each other off the pillow.  I know it was all in good fun and typical of boys, but I'm not used to it.  So I left.  Nobody got hurt so all is good.

This campground also offers firetruck rides around the campground and luckily Ryan is still young enough to want a ride.  And, the bigger boys went along with it which meant the adults didn't have to ride!

Hi mom!

These four had a great time together.  Making good memories.

I was a little concerned about the fire play, but I think this is pretty typical as well.  They were writing with the burnt ends of the sticks and making smoke signals.

Fire, fire!

I couldn't handle it any longer when I saw the glowing ends of the sticks so into the fire the sticks went.  Mom is no fun.

The evenings around the campfire are my favorite. We had our first s'mores of the season Friday night and a rousing game of telephone last night.  8 adults and 7 kids makes for a good game.  Ryan especially loved it and his enthusiasm was infectious.  Who else could get "poop" to go around the whole circle?

Eating is another major glamping activity. My boys are spoiled with waffles in the morning, quesadillas at lunch and a pot luck dinner.

So now we're home and the laundry is going.  I think it is time to plan another outing!

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